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About CopenhAIgen Week


We have a huge amount of mobility data at Wonderful Copenhagen, the official tourism organization for Copenhagen, which is why we gathered 6 incredible teams to work their AI magic on the data at CopenhAIgen Week -  an almighty 5-day party across our streets before a 48hr hackathon in a ballroom in the heart of Copenhagen! 

In April we held a kick-off event in London followed by an open round of applications that ended May 14th. We encouraged data scientists, coders and neuroscientists to gather their dream teams and apply for CopenhAIgen Week by sending us their approach to the challenge.

The challenge at the hackathon was how to auto-generate appropriate push messages to travelers and locals (i.e. for recommendations & safety).

From Singapore to Silicon Valley the event attracted leading AI experts who flew all the way to Copenhagen to participate in the hackathon with the goal of creating a solution that can enrich the experience of tourists and other visitors to Greater Copenhagen.



The finalists!

The 6 teams/companies that was chosen based on their great applications to particpate in CopenhAIgen Week was Qumodo, Third Space Auto, Sony, DOMO Green, Capgemini and ProductML.


cAPGEMINIAnd the winner is... 


The winning team consist of:

Mia Mayer, Data Scientist,
Young-Whee Lee, Senior Data Scientist, 

The prize:

- Free 1-month desk at the Danish Center for Applied AI
- Present your solution to a big group of Danish/Nordic clients
- Become a potential supplier 


The data

The mobility data comes from the Distortion app with 1,3 million unique data points with 4200 unique users and from the app for our Copenhagen Card - a card with free admission to 86 sights and free transport across the Copenhagen capital region, The mobility data from the Copenhagen Card app generated 18 million unique datapoints last year with 19500 unique users and had 4900 app downloads. Last year we managed more than 173,000 activated cards and 49,000 app downloads. 

The app gives us real-time mobility data and we can also access one year of historical data. In 2018, we are also going to collect mobility data from two major events in the city, with more than 170,000 attendees in total. We manage that data with predictive analytics to help drive growth and build on the 10.4m bed nights, we had here last year (excl. Airbnb).


Thank you to all the participants - we hope to see you in Copenhagen again soon!


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Pictures from CopenhAIgen Week


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Consider Copenhagen - just a couple of reasons why

Highly digitized society
Tops various digital society rankings for both Europe and the world
A growing AI ecosystem
A vibrant and growing AI ecosystem of start-ups, SMEs and dedicated research institutes
A great place to do business
Denmark is continuously ranked top in the world and best in Europe for ease of doing business
Tech Talent Magnet
Being one of the world's most liveable cities works like a charm for attracting talented people
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Hear it from a Copenhagen AI company


Corti is a Copenhagen-based company founded in 2016 that enables emergency call takers to diagnose patients faster and more accurately using machine learning. 

Corti provides live diagnostic decision assistance to emergency call takers. Using predictive models based on machine learning technology, Corti analyzes information given during the diagnostic process to detect symptoms and provide advice to the call taker.

With close to 1/6 of all patients misdiagnosed each year, providing more accurate diagnostic tools to emergency service personnel can help more patients get the right treatment, faster. Our technology works by listening to emergency calls and analyzing the information given during the diagnostic process.

The data data are then sent through layers of deep neural networks live as the conversation proceeds. Decision assistance is then delivered to medical agents, enabling them make faster detections and initiate better treatment plans.

Corti completed a successful pilot of their technology in collaboration with Copenhagen EMS. Copenhagen's EMS is one of the most reputed EMS worldwide, and the winners of the EMS championships 2017.


"Building an ML company in Copenhagen gives us tremendous access to talent from some top universities in the field, as well as a sophisticated digital society of early adopters when it comes to new healthcare solutions"