Digital International Matchmaking Event

Meet companies from Ideon Science Park looking for international talent
8th December 2020

Meet your future employer!

Would you like to meet your future employer? This event offers you an exclusive opportunity to meet representatives from innovative companies on the lookout for international talent!

Together with other international candidates from Greater Copenhagen, you'll be matched with companies, based on their recruitment needs and your competencies. You'll get a customized schedule in advance, so you know which companies to meet during the event's interview-sessions.

This setup will provide you with more time to interact with the hiring managers to evaluate whether you are a good fit for their position. In addition to these scheduled interviews, there will be a company presentation round, where you will have a chance to learn more about the participating companies and their innovations.

Please notice that our recruiters will screen all the candidates and then select only the ones who meet the requirements of available positions. You will be contacted by email regarding the outcome of your application, once the screening and selection process is done.

The matchmaking event will take place entirely online. 

International Matchmaking event 2019 resulted in 21 hires

Last years' International Matchmaking Event at the IDEON Science Park was a great success. 360 international candidates applied to be a part of the event and 90 were carefully selected to participate. The candidates met with 13 companies, resulting in a total of 148 interviews and 21 hires.

Practical information

Where: Online

When: 8th December, 2020

Deadline for applications: 1st December, 2020

Check out the participating companies and the positions they have by clicking on the logos (more TBA):

Speakers - to be announced


13.00 - 13.10 Welcome and Opening Remarks

13.10 - 13.40 Company presentation round: Company representatives will each give a short presentation about what they do, e.g. open vacancies and a short description of what they are looking for.

13.40 - 13.50 Introduction to the Matchmaking

13.50 - 16.40 Matchmaking sessions and presentations: Individual discussions with the participating companies you have been matched with. Simultaneously, there will be presentations that will prepare you for the Danish job market.

13.50 – 14.10 1st Interview + Presentation “CV guidance”

14.10 – 14.15 Break

14.15 – 14.352nd Interview + Presentation “How to write a cover letter”

14.35 – 14.40 Break

14.40 – 15.003rd Interview + Presentation “How to follow up with companies”

15.00 – 15.05 Break

15.05 – 15.254th Interview + Presentation "Q/A session about CV guidance"

15.25 – 15.30 Break

15.30 – 15.505th Interview + Presentation “Being an international in Sweden”

15.50 – 15.55 Break

15.55 – 16.156th Interview + Presentation “The Swedish job market”

16.15 – 16.20 Break

16.20 – 16.407th Interview + Presentation “How to learn Swedish”

16.40 – 16.45Closing remarks: Wrap up from today's event



All  attending candidates are pre-screened and matched with participating companies.


During the event, you will have the opportunity to participate in matchmaking sessions with relevant companies that suit your profile. The matchmaking sessions will be arranged in advance and you will be notified of the companies you have been matched with a few days before the event take place.

Based on previous experience, we know that matchmaking events can be intense, even the virtual ones. Therefore we have planned for short breaks between each interview and two extended breaks, so everyone has time to gather their thoughts between interviews.

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