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Are you a foreign startup looking to expand into the Nordics? If yes, you have come to the right place. We at Copenhagen Capacity can assist you in establishing your startup in Greater Copenhagen. In fact, we are experts in the field, and can help your startup with everything from market overview, finding office space, talent attraction and general support - all ensuring you get a succesful start in Greater Copenhagen.

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With a vibrant culture, a digital mindset and a flat hierarchy culture
Greater Copenhagen is ready to welcome your startup into our growing community.


Why locate your startup or scale up in Greater Copenhagen?

icon_scalability IDEAL CONDITIONS TO LAUNCH AND SCALE A collaborative ecosystem supports Greater Copenhagen startups in solving specific consumer or business problems successfully. Greater Copenhagen has a tech-savvy population and companies - who understand and are ready to implement tech solutions into their daily life or business models. The region is filled with business opportunities and is an ideal launch market or entry into the Nordics and Europe.
icon_goodlife LIVE THE GOOD LIFE Greater Copenhagen’s quality of life is top-notch, and our work-life balance is ranked the healthiest in the world. But what makes a great work-life balance? Well, our city is green, clean, safe and affordable with high-living standards. We prioritize free-time and enjoying our lives, and still, we have the highest productivity in the Nordics. For foreigners, it is easy to get by, because the majority of Danes speak a high level of English.
icon_digitalfrontrunner A DIGITAL FRONTRUNNER The European Commission ranks Denmark as one of the most digital countries in the EU. One of the reasons is that citizens and companies are very digital in their everyday routines and very willing to adopt and test new digital products, which means excellent opportunities for innovative tech startups. On top of this, we are champions at collecting data on our citizens, and we have one of the worlds most digitized public service systems.
icon_opinion-counts YOUR OPINION COUNTS The work culture in Greater Copenhagen is free from hierarchies, and managers are team leaders rather than petty officials. For a startup, this means breaking an entry to partnerships or clients is easy; coffee with CEOs, researchers and business partners is usually just a phone call away. In Greater Copenhagen, everyone is valued equally both as a professional and as a person.
icon_launchpad A LAUNCHPAD FOR SUCCESS From Greater Copenhagen you have direct access to the Nordic and European market, where you can accelerate the growth in your startup. The region is an outstanding place to test your product and service in a digital society within a strong innovation-friendly startup community. Incredible startup successes such as Endomondo, Zendesk, Tradeshift, Unity, SiteCore, JustEat, Podio and Vivino are born out of Greater Copenhagen.
icon_talent-hub A HIGHLY SKILLED TALENT HUB Greater Copenhagen has a unique stronghold when it comes to university-industry cooperation. We also offer Scandinavia’s most knowledge-intensive research and business environment. With some of Europe’s top universities, Greater Copenhagen has plenty of local and international talent ready to hire for your startup.

Bragging Wall

We don't like to brag, but did you know this about Greater Copenhagen and Denmark?

world_bank_logo_150x100 Easiest Place for Doing Business in Europe

- World Bank

european_commision_logo_150x100 Innovation Leader in Europe

- European Innovation Scoreboard


european_commision_logo_150x100 Among the most digital societies in Europe - DESI Index
global_entreprenourship_logo_150x100 Among the most digital societies in Europe - Global Enterpreneurship Index
global_innovation_logo_150x100 7th most innovative country in the world - The Global Innovation Index

Learn why Funderbeam chose Greater Copenhagen!

Innovation, talent and good coffee are just some of the things Greater Copenhagen has to offer.


Tech BBQ

Discover the startup hubs of Greater Copenhagen

Explore the focus areas of our region

Greater Copenhagen has an extensive list of developed state of the art hubs offering office space, collaboration and knowledge-sharing wihtin some of the most innovative and fastest growing industries.

Find your place in the Greater Copenhagen ecosystem

Dig in to the startup ecosystem

Fintech lab logo
Read more
Copenhagen Fintech

Located in Copenhagen's beautiful Christianshavn this co-working space is the epicentre of Nordic Fintech.

Read more
Talent Garden logo
Read more
Talent Garden Rainmaking

This co-working space welcomes tech startups and digital minds at Holmen in Copenhagen.

Read more
Matrikel 1
Read more
Matrikel1 Right in the centre of Copenhagen, you will find the leading innovation hub in the Nordics. Read more
Symbion logo
Read more
Symbion The fashionable Eastern part of Copenhagen is home to Denmark largest business environment of entrepreneurs. Read more
Read more
COBIS Grow your Biotech and Healthtech startup at COBIS, placed in Nørrebro the hippest and most vibrant area of Copenhagen. Read more
Univate logo
Read more
Univate Innovation is key in the upcoming Southern part of Copenhagen - develop your Gaming, Blockchain or Fintech startup here. Read more
Creators floor logo
Read more
Creators floor Located at Copenhagen Business School in the stylish and green Copenhagen area of Frederiksbergs, startups within IT, Tech and Software can thrive in this community. Read more
Founders House logo
Read more
Founders House As the very first tech co-working community in Copenhagen, this hub in the Southern part of the city has supported more than 100 startups. Read more
Republikken logo
Read more
Republikken In the popular neighbourhood of Vesterbro in Copenhagen, you can join this well-established workspace and network of creative souls. Read more
Soho logo
Read more
SOHO The meatpacking district in Copenhagen houses this cool office space open to all startups with more than two employees. Read more
UMA Workspace
Read more
UMA Workspace Centrally located at Copenhagen's town hall square, this coworking space has Nordic design at its core. Get inspired by a modern environment and a vibrant network. Read more
Resize template start up logos
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BLOXHUB With one of the most spectacular views in central Copenhagen, BLOXHUB is the Nordic Hub for sustainable urbanization. This is the place to grow your urban solution. Read more
Nomad logo
Read more
Nomad Workspace In this historic building in the hot Copenhagen area of Nørrebro, this creative coworking space hosts both large and small startups. Read more
HTH logo
Read more
Health Tech Hub Copenhagen Join this Copenhagen based hub if you are a health tech startup and want a space without silos where you can engage and co-create with the entire health system. Read more
Read more
HUBspace In the fast-growing area Ørestaden in Copenhagen, you will find HUBspace - a newly build co-working space for innovative startups with top-notch facilities. Read more
SingularityU logo
Read more
SingularityU Silicon Valley tech pioneer, Singularity University, has chosen Copenhagen for its first major hub outside the United States. Find the hub in the cool Nørrebro area. Read more
Camp logo
Read more
The Camp Just west of Copenhagen in Ballerup city, you can join 200 other entrepreneurs and yourself a co-working family of really cool startups. Read more
Absalon - resized
Read more
Absalon With four faculties the university covers the whole region of Zealand and offers eleven bachelor programmes. Read more
CBS logo
Read more
Copenhagen Business School In the heart of the green Frederiksberg you will find one of Europe’s largest business schools with both bachelor and master’s degrees available. Read more
CPH Business logo
Read more
CPH Business With six departments in the Copenhagen area, the school offers a vibrant environment with activities for both Danish and international students. Read more
DTU logo
Read more
Denmark Technical University Become an engineer at Denmark’s largest university for engineering degrees located in Greater Copenhagen. Read more
IT University of Copenhagen logo
Read more
IT University of Copenhagen Centrally located on Amager you will find Denmark’s leading IT university combining theory and practice in all programmes. Read more
KEA logo
Read more
Copenhagen School of Design and Technology Placed in the popular part of town, Nørrebro, KEA offers educations within design, construction, IT and technic. Read more
Kristianstadt logo
Read more
Kristianstad University The university is placed just 10 minutes from the town centre of Kristianstad and have an active study environment with 14.000 students. Read more
KU logo
Read more
Copenhagen University The oldest university and research institution in Denmark with six different faculties all placed in central locations in Copenhagen. Read more
Lund Uni logo
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Lund University This popular university is based in Lund, Helsingborg and Malmö and is ranked as one of the world’s top 100 universities. Read more
Malmø - resized
Read more
Malmö University The modern university in the heart of the Øresund region is characterized by community involvement and global engagement. Read more
RUC logo
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Roskilde University Just west of Copenhagen in Roskilde city, you can find a university that focus on new ways to create and gain knowledge. Read more
SDU - resized
Read more
University of Southern Denmark 30.000 students, 115 programmes and faculties spread throughout Denmark with a lively study environment in all of them. Read more
University college of copenhagen logo
Read more
University College of Copenhagen

Offers practice-oriented degree programmes in Copenhagen and the Zealand region.

Read more
Zealand institute of technology and business logo
Read more
Zealand Institute of Technology and Business The academy is placed in the western and southern parts of Zealand and have a close collaboration with the regions business community. Read more
AAU logo
Read more
Aalborg University With study opportunities in both Aalborg, Esbjerg and Copenhagen, this university offers several programmes and creates world-class research results. Read more
Seed capital - resized
Read more
Seed Capital With the belief that new technology can disrupt existing industries, Seed Capital searches for the next generation of tech entrepreneurs. Read more
ByFounders logo
Read more

Supporting the next generation of Nordic and Baltic entrepreneurs by providing a board of guidance and unique access.

Read more
Danish business angels
Read more
Danish Business Angels

Connects start-ups, partners and private investors with the same interest in building ambitious companies

Read more
Danish foundation for entrepreneurship logo
Read more
Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship

The national knowledge centre and focal point for the development of entrepreneurship teaching in all academic levels.

Read more
funderbeam logo
Read more
Funderbeam A global equity funding and trading platform connecting diverse investors with growth companies across international markets. Read more
innovation fund dk - resized
Read more
Innovation Fund Denmark Investing in entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses that create value for Denmark and new solutions to society’s challenges. Read more
Maritime Fond
Read more
Martime Fond This fond works to ensure a positive development of the Danish shipping and shipbuilding industry. Read more
Nordic alpha partners
Read more
Nordic Alpha Partners Supports Danish, German and Swedish hardtech companies in their journey to achieve global success. Read more
Nordic makers logo
Read more
Nordic Makers Get help and guidance on founder-friendly terms throughout your whole business journey with Nordic Makers. Read more
North-east venture logo
Read more
North East Venture Based in Copenhagen, this international multi-stage fund invests in companies within areas like fintech, AI, VR/AR and online marketplaces. Read more
Novo holdings logo
Read more
Novo Holdings The holding company of the Novo Group managing life science and financial investments with a focus on creating long-term value. Read more
Novo ventures - resized
Read more
Novo Ventures A separate entity to Novo Holding helping them identify, analyse and negotiate various investment opportunities among life science and biotech companies. Read more
Preseed ventures - resized
Read more
Preseed Ventures With more than 20 years of experience in financing and assisting talented entrepreneurs, Preseed Venture is Denmark’s largest early stage investor. Read more
promentum - resized
Read more
Promentum Back ambitious and talented entrepreneurs in making real and lasting impact with their business ideas. Read more
Read more

Their purpose and passion are to seek out, enable and empower the most promising life science therapeutic innovations.

Read more
Copenhagen business hub logo
Read more
Copenhagen Business Hub

In the northern part of Copenhagen, you will find a gateway to qualified guidance for your start-up or company in order to pursue your goals.

Read more
Digital hub Denmark logo
Read more
Digital Hub Denmark

This public-private collaboration is established to help develop Denmark’s sprouting tech scene.

Read more
Erhvervsstyrelsen logo
Read more

Works to make it simple and attractive to run a responsible company in Denmark.

Read more
Innovation Centre Denmark
Read more
Innovation Centre Denmark

Support Danish companies and startups with access to international knowledge and innovation environments.

Read more
Invest in DK logo
Read more
Invest in Denmark

Provide expert knowledge and guidance to foreign companies looking to set up a business in Denmark.

Read more
Københavns erhvervshus logo
Read more
Business House Copenhagen

Shortage of employees? Copenhagen Business House will assist you in recruiting qualified candidates in every field.

Read more
State up Denmark logo
Read more
Startup Denmark

Established by the Danish Government, Startup Denmark is a visum shceme that allow talented entrepreneurs to easily relocate and grow their business in Denmark.

Read more
WoCo logo
Read more
Wonderful Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s official tourist organisation, working to promote and develop business and leisure tourism in the capital and its surrounding areas.

Read more

Easy access to Investments

Greater Copenhagen provides excellent opportunities for getting startup investments

In Greater Copenhagen Startups have access to capital through numerous VCs, Business Angels, Private Equity Funds and Public Grants.

Denmark is the most investment active country in Europe as we have the highest venture capital investment measured as a share of GDP. Fourth highest in absolute numbers – only surpassed by the UK, France and Germany.

Danish investments funds have invested over DKK 4.8 bn in startups in 2018 and have increased their investments by DKK 1.5 bn from the year before. Risk capital is a hot topic in Denmark where new initiatives and policies are launched to make the market more dynamic through public-private partnerships.



Frequently asked questions

How to set up business in Greater Copenhagen

Denmark is consistently ranked Europe’s easiest place for doing business. Getting started is just as easy and we can assist you in all aspects of establishing your business in Greater Copenhagen.

Why not start your journey of establishing or expanding your startup today!

I want to register a company in Copenhagen. What is the next step?

Don't worry. We can help you all the way. Please, start by downloading our Practical Guide, it will take you through the overall considerations involved in establishing your business in Denmark. You are also welcome to contact one of our Investment Managers who will be happy to help and assist you on your journey of expansion in Greater Copenhagen.

Download Practical Guide

How long does it take to register a company? Not long at all! Denmark is a very digital country with a strong digital public sector. The process of registrering a company takes place online and can be done in less than 24 hours including approval time. If you are ready to register your startup in Denmark, please read more here or get in touch and we can assist you.
How do I find an office space in Copenhagen? We thought you might ask and so we have gathered all the coolest hubs and co-working spaces right here on this site. Please Scroll up and find your new office location in Greater Copenhagen.
What is a CVR number and do I need one? All companies, both danish and international, in Denmark are required to have a CVR number. It is a Central Business Registration number which is needed to identify your company in Denmark. It is used, for example, when you create a bank account for business purposes and to set up the insurance. CVR is also the number you use when you collaborate with public and private institutions and companies.

Foreign companies supplying services or products MUST have a CVR number registered with the Danish Business Authority.
What are the rules of residence and work permit? For EU/EEA entrepreneurs
Countries from the Nordics, EU, European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are entitled to live and work in Denmark.
If you intend to reside in Denmark for more than three months, you must apply for an EU residence document. Learn more here

For Non-EU/EEA entrepreneurs
If you are a startup and from outside the EU/EEA – we encourage you to apply for the Startup Danmark visa program. The Danish government is behind the programme, and the goal is to grant visas to innovative and scalable startups with clear growth potential. Visit Startup Denmark here.
This guide was great, but I still have questions, who can I contact? We recommend that you sign up below to get more insight knowledge on the startup ecosystem in Greater Copenhagen. You are also more than welcome to get in touch with us directly. Please, send our Investment Manager an email with info about your startup and your questions - we will be happy to help!

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